Thursday, March 26, 2009

Captivated Dance
What is captivated dance all about?

Captivated Dance is situated at the Varsity College Middle School Assembly Drive, Varsity Lakes and is a Dance Academy where students can learn how to dance from Tiny Tots to Young Adults. Our aim is to give dance students high quality technique, whilst ensuring classes are fun, high energy and exciting. Captivated Dance also gives students the opportunity to make lots of friends of similar interests. Our classes increase strength, flexibility, stamina, memory and co-coordination by learning new routines every week. We also have the Captivated Dance Company, which is a Professional Dance Ministry that performs extensively over the Gold Coast region for a wide variety of events. To be a dancer within Captivated Dance Company you need to go through an audition process. With Captivated Dance Academy anyone can come along and take classes and learn all about dancing and enjoy making new friends!

Have the students competed in competition before and what sort of performance experience have they had?
Captivated Dance had their annual concert on December the 13th 08 at the Nerang Bicentennial Centre and it was a huge success! We had visiting guest artists Machaneh Dance Company perform for us from the Sunshine Coast and Captivated Dance Company performed some of their repertoire as well. There were over 100 people who attended our first concert and 16 items were performed. On the 3rd of March Captivated Dance Company was given the opportunity to perform at the Worongary State School and the children loved our performance and they all wanted to sign up for Captivated Dance Academy classes. We were blown away by the positive response we had.
Captivated Dance is looking forward to many other performance opportunities and Eisteddfods in the future!

What motivated you to start a dance studio?
When I came back from Ballet Magnificat in America I was really excited about starting my own Academy and Company structured in a similar way to Ballet Magnificat, as I loved the atmosphere, concept of dance and vision they had for their Academy. I have always wanted to have my own Dance Studio but wasn’t completely clear about the vision, how to structure it and go from step 1 to the finished product. Since I came back from Ballet Magnificat it has given me a clear picture of how to run the Dance Studio and I’m really excited about what the future holds for Captivated Dance!

What message do you have for people looking to pursue an interest in dance but don’t know where to start?
There are many people currently who have an interest in dance from viewing the media, realising the relevance of dance in the world today and where dance is headed in the future. Dancing can help people in every area of your life giving them the confidence to face life and it’s many challenges. I’d advise anyone who likes a bit of fun; fitness and social outlet to come along and give dance a try. If you’d like to trial one of Captivated Dance Academy classes then you can contact Ali McGuigan on Mob: 0406602649 for class times. You can find what styles of dance there are and see which one would best suit you. I would strongly recommend a ballet class, as it will give you the basic technique and strength for you to do any other styles of dance. Most dancers on the show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ have been classically trained which gives them the capacity to be very versatile with their dancing! If you’re thinking of learning to dance for the first time I would strongly recommend you commence with one ballet class a week to build your strength and confidence before taking a second class. Dance will provide the
self-discipline needed to attain personal or work related goals, improve your fitness and raise your endorphins, which increase your capacity to destress and study. Exercise assists your concentration and you’ll be given the opportunity to use new areas in your brain to master the exercisers and train your body to move in certain ways.

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